1. Purpose

The Association of Texas Metropolitan Planning Organizations (TEMPO) exists to:

A. Provide a conduit for exchange of information and ideas,
B. Coordinate participation in state and federal policy development,
C. Promote professional development and continuing education,
D. To promote and develop better transportation planning in the State of Texas, and
E. Enhance working partnerships with the Texas Department of Transportation, and the various agencies within the U.S. Department of Transportation.

2. Membership

All Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) representing any area or portion of an area within the State of Texas are eligible for membership in TEMPO. Each member MPO is represented in TEMPO by their MPO Director or their duly-appointed agent.

Associate membership in TEMPO is extended to the professional staff of the Texas Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and the Federal Transit Administration. Associate members are invited to attend and participate in TEMPO meetings but voting is reserved for MPO representatives.

3. Dues

A two-thirds vote of all MPO members can establish the amount and terms of membership dues.

4. Executive Committee, TEMPO Executive Director, and TEMPO Deputy Executive Director

A seven (7) member Executive Committee of TEMPO members will oversee and guide the activities of TEMPO. The committee membership will include the TEMPO Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director and the remaining five (5) positions will be elected from the remaining MPO representatives, with two (2) positions reserved for TMA members and three (3) positions reserved for non-TMA members. Associate members are ineligible to serve on the Executive Committee. Members shall hold two-year terms ending on September 30th. For continuity, two (2) members shall be elected in even years (one TMA and one non-TMA) and three (3) members (one TMA and two non-TMAs).

As needed, the membership will select an MPO representative to serve as Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director. The Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director shall serve three year terms beginning and ending on October 1st.

The Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director may be elected for a second three-year term at the pleasure of the membership. The Executive Director, under direction of the Executive Committee and TEMPO membership, will be responsible for:

A. Organization of meetings and events for TEMPO,
B. Serving as Secretary and Treasurer of TEMPO,
C. Producing newsletters and other communications for TEMPO,
D. Representing TEMPO in matters with regard to state and federal policy, and
E. Collection and expenditure of dues and other financial resources for the business of TEMPO,
F. Serve as Chair for all TEMPO meetings.

The Deputy Executive Director shall assume the responsibilities of the Executive Director should the Executive Director be unable to complete the term of office, or unable to attend a scheduled meeting. The term of office and eligibility requirements for the Deputy Executive Director shall be identical to the Executive Director.

Should the Deputy Executive Director be unable to complete his or her term of office. The Executive Director will place on the agenda for the next TEMPO meeting an election to fill that position.

Should both the Executive Director or Deputy Executive Director be unable to complete their respective terms of office at the same time, then the Executive Committee will select one of its members to acting as Executive Director and they shall conduct an election to fill the vacant office for the remainder of the term at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

5. Meetings

Meetings will be conducted as necessary but should take place at least quarterly. As possible, these meetings should be coordinated with other events at which MPOs will be in attendance. The place and schedule of all meetings will be determined by the Executive Director, with the coordination of the Executive Committee. A quorum at any meeting is representation of 51% or greater of all member MPOs.

All TEMPO meetings will be open to the public.

6. Amendment

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at any TEMPO meeting with two weeks notice of proposed changes. Appropriate notice may be in writing or by electronic mail.

7. Adoption

These bylaws must be adopted by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of MPOs in attendance. If these bylaws are adopted at any time other than the annual meeting, the Executive Committee and a duly elected Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director may take office immediately. The portion of the year remaining until the annual meeting will not be included in the term of office for rotation or election.